Bicell®: Extruded polypropylene sheet with cellular structure

Bicell® is an extruded polypropylene sheet, consisting of several layers. The cell structure is the core of this sheet. It gives Bicell® its main characteristics: high flexural resistance and a high compression strength.

Bicell® can be produced in various ways: only the core or a core with a top and/or bottom layer. The possibility to laminate one or both sides, enlarges the number of finishes of Bicell® and therefore the number of application possibilities. These possibilities transcend the traditional packaging solutions. Structural elements in the construction, furniture or automotive sector are now part of the possibilities. Bicell® has a number of unique characteristics that answer to your specific demand.

  • high rigidity
  • high compression strength
  • possible to laminate


  • Coil reels

  • Personalised packaging

  • Automotive parcel shelf

  • Floor protection

  • Protective packaging

  • Cargo space covering

  • Packaging

  • Container sleeves

Other applications:

  • Packaging: with Bicell® you can manufacture strong packaging in countless shapes.
  • Sleeves: With its high rigidity, Bicell® offers a firm base for sleeves and coverings for wire containers.
  • Promotional items / displays: Different colours or a personalised pre-printed film give various promotional items an extra dimension which makes it more attractive. The combination of different colours on top or bottom gives a special appearance to displays, exhibition stands, ...
  • Shockproof / protective: A foam layer laminated onto the Bicell® sheet, prevents damage to your products.
  • Automotive: Finishes for cargo spaces of delivery vans are perfectly possible with Bicell®.
  • Textile: the use of several non-woven textiles or spun bond fabrics gives Bicell® a high-quality finish.
  • Nutrition: Bicell® is ideal for food packaging. The lamination of a personalised film gives your product a better visibility.
  • Protective packaging: the use of an insulating film or a soft textile layer make sure your goods are transported and delivered in perfect condition.


  • economic Economic
  • reusable Reusable
  • food approved Food approved
  • washable Washable
  • insulating Insulating
  • sterilisable Sterilisable
  • shockproof Shockproof
  • strong & durable Strong & durable
  • good rupture & tear resistance Good rupture & tear resistance
  • possible to laminate Possible to laminate
  • dust & fibre free Dust & fibre free
  • ecological Ecological
  • water & moisture resistant Water & moisture resistant
  • good chemical resistance Good chemical resistance
  • high compression strength High compression strength
  • light-weight Light-weight
  • high rigidity High rigidity
  • soundproof Soundproof


  • flame retardant Flame retardant
  • UV stabilizer UV stabilizer
  • antistatic Antistatic
  • gamma ray stabilizer Gamma ray stabilizer
  • corona treatment Corona treatment


  • cutting (guillotine, manual, plotter) Cutting (guillotine, manual, plotter)
  • die cutting Die cutting
  • welding (thermal, ultrasonically, hot air) Welding (thermal, ultrasonically, hot air)
  • bonding Bonding
  • sterilising Sterilising
  • recycling Recycling
  • cleaning Cleaning


Bicell® can be laminated with several different finishing layers. These finishing layers create an extra dimension for Bicell®. This enlarges the number of applications and gives Bicell® some new characteristics such as:

  • Conductive / ESD: this causes the Bicell® sheet to become electrically conductive. This creates the perfect packaging solution for products that are sensitive to electric discharge.
  • Shockproof / protective: : A foam layer laminated onto the Bicell® sheet, prevents damage to your products.
  • Anti-slip: prevents people or goods to slip away on a Bicell® sheet and therefore prevents injuries and damage.
  • Personalised prints: with a pre-printed film you can personalise your application in detail: an attractive packaging. An imitation of wood, textile or other materials are possible.
  • Textile: the use of several non-woven textiles or spun bond fabrics give Bicell® a high-quality finish, thus avoiding scratches.
  • Insulating: aluminium coloured films give packaged goods the capability of maintaining its temperature, either cold or hot.
  • VCI: specifically developed additives prevent the oxidation of metal parts.
  • Luxury: laminating a silver or gold foil onto the sheet, gives your packaging a luxury appearance.
  • Other laminates are on request: tell us your specific need and we will look for a suitable solution.



Specific gravity PP ISO 1183 g/cm3 0,907
Water absorption ISO 62 % 0,02


Tensile strength (50 mm/min) ISO 527 MPa 38
Elongation at break (50 mm/min) ISO 527 % 800
Flexural modulus ISO 178 MPa 1250
Impact strength Izod (23°C) ISO 180 kJ/m² 80
Shore D hardness ISO 868 - 66
Compression strength 3,0mm/600g Internal IPB N/cm² >35
Compression strength 3,5mm/800g Internal IPB N/cm² >95
Compression strength 3,5mm/1000g Internal IPB N/cm² >148
Compression strength 4,0mm/1250g Internal IPB N/cm² >200
Compression strength 4,0mm/1500g Internal IPB N/cm² >200


Coefficient of linear expansion ASTMD696 mm/m°C 0,18
Specific Heat DSC J/g°C 1,68
Heat deflection temp.(0,46 MPa) ISO 75 °C 78
Heat deflection temp.(1,82 MPa) ISO 75 °C 52
Vicat softening point (1 kg) (10N) ISO 306 °C 148
Vicat softening point (5 kg) (50N) ISO 306 °C 78


Light transmission (1500g/m²) Internal IPB % 40


Surface resistivity ASTMD257 Ω ca. 1013
Dielectric constant (at 1 MHz) ASTMD150 - 2,25
Dissipation factor (tgδ at 1MHz) ASTMD150 - < 5 x 10-4
Dielectric strength (500V/sec) ASTMD149 kV/mm 70

Delivery program

Different colours for top and bottom layer are possible. Possibility to laminate on both sides.

Standard thickness/weight combinations

Thickness vs weight/m² 600 gr 800 gr 1.000 gr 1.250 gr 1.500 gr
3.0 mm °
3.5 mm ° °
4.0 mm ° °

Standard colours

  • Naturel
  • Yellow 01
    RAL 1016
  • Yellow 04
    RAL 1003
  • Orange 01
    RAL 2003
  • Red 01
    RAL 3020
  • Green 01
    RAL 6024
  • Blue 02
    RAL 5005
  • Blue 01
    RAL 5012
  • Black 01
    RAL 9011
  • Grey 01
    RAL 7024
  • Grey 02
    RAL 9006
  • White 01
    RAL 9010