Biplex+®: Micro-perforated Biplex® corrugated sheet for under-roof application

Thanks to the double-sided and numerous micro-perforations (25/m²), Biplex+® guarantees a quick and efficient disposal of condensation. (Water permeability tested accordingly EN 1928, result class W1).

Biplex+® guarantees better ventilation under your roof through the efficient disposal of moisture and vapour. Because of the microscopic small perforations Biplex+® guarantees good water permeability.

Biplex+® is flame-retardant according to EN 13501-1, result class E.

Biplex+® is made of polypropylene copolymer and is completely recyclable (class 5).

Biplex+®, the ‘insulating’ under-roof sheet that ‘breathes’.

Through its double-sided structure, Biplex+® offers additional acoustic and thermal insulation.

Biplex+® has ATG approval as under-roof sheet (certificate ATG 1926) and has the European CE label with CE EN 13859-1 approval.

Delivery program

1200 mm 2500 mm 2,5 mm 450 gr./m²
1200 mm 25000 mm (25m) 2,5 mm 450 gr./m²
  • microperforation
  • ventilation under your roof
  • acoustic insulation
  • thermal insulation
Microperforation Microperforation


Installation guidelines

Biplex+®, swiftly onto your roof!

  • can be cut easily on the roof instead of at ground level.
  • irregular forms can be covered seamlessly (e.g. dormer).
  • can be simply nailed or stapled.
  • 1 person can manipulate and install the sheets.
  • installing takes up to 40% less time than conventional materials.
  • is available in sheets or rolls in order to minimize waste.